Change Password

  1. For 1st time user, user who has requested a password reset and user whose password had expired, user will be redirected to change password (password will expire after 6 months user change the password) before proceed to login to MYwave Application Suite.

  2. Enter user ID (1) provided by company administrator
  3. Enter user password (2) (If this is a 1st logging into the system or a request to reset password has been made, the default user password would be "welc0me8")
  4. Choose the country (3), for example "Malaysia"
  5. Click Continue (4) to proceed
  6. Click Cancel (5) to discard the action

  7. Enter current password (1)
  8. Enter new password (2). The new password should be at least 6 characters and not more than 15 characters
  9. Re-enter new password (3)
  10. Click Submit (4) to change the password
  11. Click Cancel (5) to discard the action
  12. Upon successful changed of password, user would have to relogin with the new password. Follow login instruction as per User Logon section
  13. Note: Error message for change password process
    • If the Current Password is incorrect, the page will display
      Invalid Current Password. Please enter the correct current password.
    • If the New Password has recently used, the page will display
      Invalid New Password as it is one of the recent used password.

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