Forgot Password

  1. For user who forgot password will have to proceed to Forgot Password Portal page to request a temporary password. The temporary password will then send to user's email address. if user use the given temporary password to login, user will be forced to change the temporary password in the Change Password Portal page

  2. Enter user ID (1) provided by company administrator
  3. Enter email (2)
  4. Enter employee ID (3)
  5. Click Submit (4) to request for temporary password
  6. Click Cancel (5) to discard the action
  7. You will be notified through an alert message if the request is successful
  8. If temporary password is successfully sent to user email account, user would have to relogin with the temporary password
  9. Note: Error message for forgot password process
    • If the User ID is incorrect, the page will display
      Invalid Login ID. The entered Login ID does not exist in our database.
    • If the Email is incorrect, the page will display
      Invalid Email. Please enter the correct email address.
    • If the Employee ID is incorrect, the page will display
      Invalid Employee ID. Please enter the correct employee id.
    • If the user's account is disabled, the page will display
      I'm sorry. Your account has been disabled. Please contact your administrator for account activation.

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