Accessing Application

Step-by-Step Example

Step 1: Select A Company
Step 2: Accessing MYwave Application Suite
Step 3: Switch Application
Step 4: Switch Company
Step 5: Session Timeout - Relogin  

Step 1

Select A Company

  1. Select a company to proceed if user has access to more than 1 company

  2. Select a company (1)
  3. Click Continue (2) button to proceed
  4. Click Cancel (3) to discard the action

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Step 2

Accessing MYwave Application Suite

  1. After login, user will be redirect to the first application (an example as below)

  2. The page as below is shown if user does not have any application access

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Step 3

Switch Application

  1. 'Switch Application' tab (1) allows user to switch application

  2. The 'Switch Application' drop down menu (2) shows all the accessible applications
  3. Click on the application in order to switch application

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Step 4

Switch Company

  1. 'Switch Company' tab (1) allows user to switch company
  2. For more details, please refer to Step 1: Select A Company

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Step 5

Session Timeout - Relogin

  1. A relogin portal will pop up when session timeout
  2. Enter login ID (1) and password (2) to proceed

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